Thursday, 12 September 2013

Pully Driven Clothes Drying Hanger, India.

Welltech Systems ceiling mounted dryer is able to conveniently hang your clothes in areas where you do not have floor space.

The hangers are made of stainless steel pipes, which mean that the rusting or oxidation of pipes does not occur like in aluminum & mild steel, thus it is even stronger and more durable! Each individual stainless steel pipe is raised and lowered by a nylon cord, for easy hanging separately as needed. The neat, compact design allows it to be installed in many different areas like passage, bedroom, bathroom, or on balconies.

Pulley Driven Clothes Drying System help you to save valuable time by laying more garments in less space and is a favorite item of any household, hostel and hospital, which need efficient utilization of the space.

Natural air drying of clothes on Clothes Drying System helps in decreasing wear and tear of clothes – increased lifespan of your clothes.

Welltech Systems.
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